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(1) Is there any skill required to work?

Yes, Skills are required like typing speed so you can work fast. Computer Knowledge of at least MS-Office, Windows and Internet Is required. Internet is required just for downloading work files which hardly takes 15 minutes.

(2) What will be the Format of Work?

We Will Provide you a.PDF,.JPEG (Image File), Which You have to Convert In MS-word File by typing only.

(3) What will be the exact content of the work files?

Time is very important & precious for everyone, Same for these companies they don’t want you to waste time in creating tables & editing different text symbols etc. The work is very simple, just plain text matters. No symbols, No equations, No tables, No images. So that you can type fast & can submit the work fast.

(4) What is the Accuracy level required for getting payment?

Accuracy level 75%

(5) After submitting the work in time, When I’m going to get Accuracy/Checking report & Payment?

After submission of your work within 2 working days you will get the Accuracy report to your Email Address & We will transfer your payment online to your bank account Weekly (every Tuesday)

(6) Do you provide me any Instructions on How to perform the work?

Yes, We will provide you a step-by-step instruction file with work.

(7) After getting registered How I’m going to get my work?

On getting Registered, within 30 min we’ll send a server link, you have to just click that link & using the Username & Password supplied by us you can download your work files in no time

(8) How much time will it going to take for downloading my work files?

To save your time, we divided your work files into different sets, each set contains 20 files. Each Set takes around 1 minutes to download.


Name of Plan Subscription Charge No. of Pages Provided Per Month Validity Payment Per
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Silver Rs. 1600 600 Pages Per Months 9 Months Rs.10 Per Page
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Gold Rs. 2250 600 Pages Per Months 9 Months Rs.15 Per Page Order Now
Platinum Rs. 3200 700 Pages Per Months 10 Months Rs.20 Per Page Order Now
Diamond Rs. 5000 800 Pages Per Months 12 Months Rs.30 Per Page Order Now

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